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Spring 2018 Phy2400

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Report Number One[edit]

In this laboratory we were to research, as well as perform an experiment which projects the correlation between the velocity and acceleration of a basketball as they are being struck by a meter stick in order to attain a measurable velocity and/or acceleration from the basketball's movement. We began this laboratory process by first marking the ground in the hallway every five tiles (the tiles are roughly a foot in length). After this portion we had a person walking slowly with the basketball begin tapping the ball rapidly with the meter stick in order to attain a constant acceleration. As this was happening, the timer was announcing every second as the ball moved along the floor. During each of these announcements, the people with the spit wads were to throw them as close as possible to the location where the ball was located at the given moment of the announcement of the time given by the timer. From the the spit wads' locations, we were able to form a graph showing the the position of the basketball at the given time increments.

Revised Chart[edit]

thumbRevised Table BasketBall

Motion Graph Matching Laboratory[edit]